Complaint #6 – Average/Bad Quality Radio Sound

Many owners aren’t satisfied with the sound quality of their OEM radios. If you’re not happy with the sound quality of yours, you can always change the speakers and/or radio. Even just changing to an aftermarket radio will generally create a better sound output to the speakers creating higher sound quality – but to finish it off, change the speakers too.

Unfortunately, not every car company invests its money in great sounding car speakers so it’s not really uncommon for standard speakers to be ordinary sounding. And it’s not always the big named brands that will have the best sound output, don’t go for low quality branded systems but if you’ve never heard of the brand see if you can hear what it sounds like before buying it.

For a car that debuted in 2011 (Tokyo Auto Show), there aren’t really a lot of bad complaints with it that haven’t already been fixed or are otherwise personal preference issues. All small (in my opinion) issues that are left that haven’t been busted are not deal breakers in my eyes.

SO there you have it, the end of our Toyota 86 complaints series. Hopefully we’ve helped you out a bit and solved some issues for you 🙂

Although all information is considered true to the best of our knowledge, we cannot guarantee it. If you have any other information or would like to ask a question about any of these complaints, would like to make your own complaint or suggest a better fix, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and always be sure to check the work your doing is safe and has been done correctly, preferably by a qualified mechanic!