Complaint #4 – TPMS Sensor Light Appearing on Dash

If you’ve just changed your rims to something way cool, ’s a good chance you forgot about the TPMS sensors that we’re on those wheels and suddenly… ‘s this red light that wont go away!

The TPMS Sensor tells your car that the temperature and pressure of your tyres are A-OK! It usually shows somewhere on your dash if your tyres are flat, otherwise is sometimes a whole screen dedicated to showing that it knows where your tyres are and what pressure each is at…

Car’s are making people lazy! In the old days, we just had to check them ourselves – either by trying to push on the tyre wall or with a tyre pressure gauge. SOMETIMES we’d just put a little air in just in case. – Mechanics Note

If your TPMS light is annoying you on your dash, you’ll need to get yourself some new sensors or find the old ones and have them reconnected to your cars ECU via a scan tool. This tells your car they’re and the light should not only go away but your car will continue to show you when somethings not right with your tyre pressure. Otherwise, get used to the light. Because it ain’t going away!

Found your way around this? Great! Let us know!

Note* Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Sensor or TPMS sensor is often mounted to the inside of the rims.

Although all information is considered true to the best of our knowledge, we cannot guarantee it. If you have any other information or would like to ask a question about any of these complaints, would like to make your own complaint or suggest a better fix, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and always be sure to check the work your doing is safe and has been done correctly, preferably by a qualified mechanic!

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