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Choosing the correct racing seat is just one important aspect of racing. But it imperative to get it right. Sure, your car has to be ready but so do you and as always, safety first.

Are you allowed to use it?
Most importantly you need to choose a seat that complies with the rules and regulations of your track and/or sanctioning body. CAMS for Australia.

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The purpose of your seat
Next is your seats purpose, it’s important to have a good think about which sports your seat will assist you in, whether it’s for circuit or drifting, or for circuit and drifting and drag racing! Then have a think about what YOU personally would want from your seat. Does it look good? Is it comfortable? Does my head rest neatly at the head rest? Etc.

If comfort is all you need then that’s all you really need to look at. Or feel for that matter. Take a seat, wiggle around, pretend to drive. If it feels good and suits your car, buy it.

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For Drifting
Drifters may need tighter fitting seats than most other racing sports due to the G-Force felt on corners and sitting still also helps with steering and direction. You would hate to be turning the wheel one way while your bodies going another way! But whatever fit your most comfortable with is what you should go with.

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For Circuit
For circuit drivers a good all-rounder is needed. The right amount of comfort and a snug fit.
Always keep in mind whether or not a seat has inserts that can be taken out. These can enhance comfort and performance and are quite often the deal breaker or maker. If your little, these inserts can make you more comfortable and give you a tighter fit – same if you’re a solid and vice versa for taking out the inserts.

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Curved Head Rests?
Whether or not the head rest curves and how much it curves is also something to think about. The best thing you can do is drive a car that has a seat with a curved head rest and then one without – if your able to. Make sure your comfortable seeing where you’re going and it’s not inhibiting your movement too much. Ultimately these are safety features so if you’re comfortable or can learn to be, I’d have them.

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Once you know what you want out of your seat, material is pretty high on the list. All I have to say is fire proof, fire proof, fire proof. A cheap seat may just be cheap for a reason! But an overpriced seat might just be trying to fake its quality.


If you have any other options that people should consider when buying a seat, please let us all know in the comments below.


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